Marzocchi Marathon LR fork review£240.00

Consistently supple

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Marzocchi’s new Marathon LR is QR axle-only with post-style direct-fit brake mounts and a screw-on hose clamp on the bottom end. You get an alloy steerer tube and a realistic metal effect plastic top cap and lockout lever make them look the same as those on Marzocchi’s top forks.

Chrome effect steel stanchions and generous amounts of internal oil mean it’s heavy. Plenty of oil and reasonable chassis stiffness mean the air-sprung stroke is plusher and smoother over small to mid-size hits than other forks in its price range. Traction and general trail following performance is good, and while they become more clunky as shaft speed increases there’s nothing too wrist-breaking in there.

The rebound adjuster feels twangy but works fine through a useful adjustment range and while it’s supplied at 100mm travel it’ll go 20mm either way by swapping internal spacers.

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