Marzocchi MX Pro LO fork review£179.95

Proper smoothness for under £200

BikeRadar score4/5

You won’t find it listed on Marzocchi's ’09 website, but fans of honest, good value reliability and smoothness will be delighted that our 2008 budget fork winner has stuck around for 2009, in the UK at least.

Coil in one leg, low-pressure air in the other makes the MX Pro LO both smooth and easily tuneable. Marzocchi’s trademark simple, squelchy open bath damping is reassuringly effective in most trail situations too.

While it’s not light, 80mm and 120mm versions mean an option for most trail bikes and the fork-top lockout is remote control compatible (£199.99 with it fitted).

The simple, proven design with generous amounts of damping/lubricating oil make it unlikely to go wrong too.

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