RockShox Sektor RL Air 150mm fork review£429.99

Top value trail fork

BikeRadar score4/5

RockShox’s new Sektor is all most riders need in a lightweight, high value fork. Based on the 20mm or 15mm screw-through axle, power-bulged Revelation chassis, the Sektor is a stiff fork that’s actually fractionally lighter than its more expensive brother.

The proven Motion Control damping is controlled and capable enough for 90 percent of trail situations, only getting flustered on long multiple-hit sections such as steps or random rocky descents.

The single positive air spring makes it less tunable than pricier Dual Air forks but rebound and compression/lockout adjustments are clear and consistent. Reliability of RockShox forks is generally excellent, although we recommend avoiding the simpler TK versions.

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