Suntour SF7-Rux S review£179.99

Reasonable longer travel performance for the price, but worryingly leaky

BikeRadar score3/5

Suntour make forks for a bunch of people, including Marzocchi, so their own-brand product is well worth a look. 

The Rux is longer than other jump forks here and uses a QR axle but still steers and holds a line through the berms. 

The actual stroke performance isn’t bad either. There’s a bit of clunk at either end but no obvious spikes or cavitation. 

There’s a reasonable range of rebound control and you can boost the spring rate with the supplementary air spring.

We are concerned by the fact that our sample came in a box already soaked in fork oil and continued to weep vital fluids throughout testing though.

You get a familiar hose clip on the back to keep things tidy.

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