Shimano Deore Rapidfire shifters review£30.00

The cheapest ‘proper’ Shimano MTB group

BikeRadar score4/5

The cheapest ‘proper’ Shimano MTB group, Deore comes in revised Rapidfire or old-style bulky Dual Control. The Rapidfire pods have the new two-way release front trigger, so you needn’t relearn habits if you’re used to SRAM.

Initial action is slightly snappier than before. It’s still not that obvious when you’re rattling on rough ground, so you may need to check you’ve changed through leg speed/pedal pressure. There’s a relatively long throw before each shift, and this soon feels mushy and strained as cables get crappy. They last well mechanically, though, and performance is indistinguishable from LX, despite being £10 cheaper. The pre-greased SP41 cables are the same as you get with XTR, which boosts value.

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