Shimano Saint Rapidfire shifters review£44.99

Tough but pricey 'hardcore' shifers

BikeRadar score3.5/5

This shifter unit from Shimano’s heavy duty Saint set boasts some unique features.

For a start, it’s designed to work outboard of brake levers (as well as inboard) so you can put your brakes exactly where you want. Stumpy triggers stop them getting knocked and shifting accidentally. Their stumpiness also means less damage to your kneecaps in a crash, and that they are less likely to get smashed themselves.

The flipside is that they’re that bit more awkward to find when you do want to shift, and the shorter levers need more pressure to shift, which is exacerbated if the cables are filthy. 

At £45 for one shifter they’re expensive too, but worth thinking about if you’re a regular wrecker.

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