Shimano XTR Dual Control shifters £95

Mainly of interest to racers and weight weenies

BikeRadar score4.5/5

XTRDC introduced the new co-axial design and its light weight and fast, integrated reactions make it a great racer’s option. Most of the plus/minus comments from the XT DC apply, as do the love/hate reactions from our testers.

This XTR set gets even better internal bearings so the instant, multi-release mechanics feel even smoother and faster once you’re used to the reactions. While lever shape and the optional removable auxiliary shift lever are basically the same, XTR doesn’t have Servo Wave brake giblets. As DC appeals primarily to racers, the 90g lower weight will matter more to most buyers than reduced brake power. As XTR only costs £20 more, it’s a cost effective weight saving investment too.

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