SRAM X9 Trigger shifters review£96.00

Questionable value at this price

BikeRadar score4/5

Like XT, X9 marks a real leap in shifting quality for SRAM triggers but, at the same price as XTR, it’s not great value. Actual performance is impressive, with Zero Loss Travel internals for minimal trigger movement before each shift. 

A cam in the front shifter means the same lever throw between chainring changes, rather than the usual lopsided lurch. A plastic top cap allows easy cleaning and the clamp’s two mount holes provide pod position options. It handles filthy cables better than Shimano too.

You can only release one gear at a time from the single direction front trigger and it’s not as crisp as XTR or X.0. It doesn’t quite fit flush with all brakes either, although Avid and Formula do brake and pod combo clamp upgrades.

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