Lizard Skins DSP bar tape £25

Grippy and squishy

BikeRadar score 4/5

Lizard Skins forego the usual pseudo-cork compounds for their new road handlebar tape, instead opting for a unique 'Dura Soft Polymer' foam.

The closed-cell material plus its 2.5mm thickness make for a distinctly cushy and comfortable feel, and it's also remarkably grippy even when wet, especially in combination with the built-in surface texture.

Roadies who find themselves on rough surfaces will undoubtedly welcome the way the DSP material takes the shock out of their hands – and maintains feeling in their fingers.

At 63g for the complete set, it's no heavier than standard stuff but far lighter than bar tape sets that include separate underlying gel pads. That and the reassuring no-slip surface make DSP an easy choice for cyclo-cross riders.

Installation is a snap as the DSP material is very stretchy and a full-length adhesive backing helps keep things under control. Finishing tape and bar plugs are included, too, and there's a generous range of eight colours available to suit your bike's paint scheme. 

The rubbery feel won't suit riders who prefer a more natural sensation, though, and not everyone looking for something grippy wants something so squishy (for those riders we recommend black Fizik bar:tape, Arundel Gecko Grip or Bontrager's paper-thin Grippy Tape). It's also quite expensive at £24.99 (US$34.99) a set.

If grippy and squishy is exactly what you're going for, however, and you don't mind the artificial look and feel, Lizard Skins Dura Soft Polymer tape is an easy choice.


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