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"Products which don't just look good, but also work well and can stand a life of rider abuse."

Tuesday, October 23, 2007 11.29pm By

Control Tech parts have a new UK distributor in Hotlines, and not before time, as Control Tech have an excellent range of products which blend technical materials like carbon, titanium and Scandium with some solid, sensible designs. The net result is products which don't just look good, but also work well and can stand a life of rider abuse without flinching.

The carbon flat bar is a case in point. It's oversized with a 31.8mm bulge tapering to a standard control size quickly enough to ensure that there are no issues with spacing out your gear and brake controls. Width is officially 580mm (ours was 585mm) wide. There are small alloy insets in the end of the bar should you wish to cut and use bar ends, and the Control Tech carbon/ti ones are Justin's all-time favourites.

We've only had a couple of weeks on this bar, so it's early days in terms of outright durability. We have been using Control Tech parts for years though, especially the carbon bar ends, and on the basis of their incredible reliability in the face of some serious stacks, we're happy to cut and use this bar without a second thought.

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