Kore Torsion bar review£37.99

Seriously wide and totally flat

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Kore’s monster pipe gives maximum power assisted steering leverage at an affordable price. As you’d expect for a sub-£40, 800mm bar, the Torsion isn’t light, but this flat version does save 23g over the similar span Torsion 35mm riser.

The gauge tapers quickly from the centre so you get a massive 29cm of control space on either side. The big layback from the early start of the sweep keeps your wrists at a comfortable angle when you’re reaching right to the end of them.

The amount of metal does mean some buzz, but accuracy is higher and flex is lower than you’d expect from such a long pipe. Laser etched rotation, centring and tip trim etching makes adjusting your position easy too.

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