Salsa Pro-Moto flat bar review£44.99

Super-wide cross-country bar

BikeRadar score4/5

Salsa do a big range of bars, but it’s the more unusual options where they really shine. This super-wide cross-country bar is certainly coming of age as flatties get the nod from the fashion police. With no bends to worry about, the width to weight ratio is very impressive.

The quad-butted 11-degree backsweep and layback gives a very light steering feel despite the loss of rise. If your wrists can cope with the angle, they’ve got a really comfy sprung feel too.

Busy bar fans will also appreciate the 25cm of control area, with 55mm of trim marks on the tips if you don’t need the full 713mm. A 17-degree (90mm layback) version and narrower, flats and conventional risers are also available.

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