Sunline V-One OS flat bars £64.99

Riser feel, but lowers your front end

BikeRadar score 3.5/5

Flat, wide bars have caused a bit of a stir in the downhill scene in the past few years. They started getting wider in the quest for better stability, then got lower to put more of your weight over the front end for better grip.

These are Sunline’s offering to the flat bar scene, and they do the job pretty well. Some flat bars feel a bit uncomfortable after using a riser bar, but these feel spot-on. No wonder really considering Sunline’s super-refined riser bar collection.

As for the numbers, they come in at 762mm wide with 11 degrees of backsweep and no upsweep. They're the most comfy flat bars we’ve ridden.

If you don’t like the width, there are cut marks all the way down to 660mm. At £64.99, your wallet will know about it but at 303g, they won’t be weighing your front end down.

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