Syncros Bulk handlebar review£88.99

Downhill-style leverage without breaking your wrists or ballasting your bike

BikeRadar score4.5/5

We’ve come across this bar several times and every time it’s been a big performance boost to the bike. It’s certainly our recommended choice if you’re wanting some extra leverage.

Despite weighing in at a trail bike-friendly 210g, the ‘wide as you can go in the woods’ 28in span still makes for a proper tough playmate.

The tips are alloy plugged so they don’t split if you over-tighten your grips or tag a tree, and the centre is glass wrapped for twist security and crush resistance.

The low, relaxed sweep shape uses a very long taper that starts early in the bend. Add the natural character of the carbon fibre and you’ve got an absorbent rather than abusive feel that’s great for longer Alpine-style or brake-heavy descents. At £90 it’s more than competitive for its impressive blend of low weight and high strength.

Syncros's Bulk 7075 is also worth checking out. This alloy version is even tougher than the carbon fibre one. It's a bit of a wrist stinger, but only £39.99.

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