3T Aura Pro time trial bar £249.99

Ideal for a more upright position

BikeRadar score3/5

3T’s new semi-carbon tri cockpit is impressively stiff, nicely shaped and well-priced if you’re after a more upright position.

The UCI’s 3:1 ratio rule means any shape on a frame or component used for road racing can’t be longer than three times its depth now. That means the ultra-flat arc of the Ventus model’s bar is replaced by the chubbier and cheaper Aura Pro.

While they cause more drag, the fat carbon wings are stiffer when climbing, and the kinked hand sections give extra grip on descents. Internal brake cable installation was easy thanks to the guide pipes, alloy extensions are marked for easy trimming and weight is a reasonable 726g.

Pads can only be adjusted sideways though. You’ll need to get the otherwise similar Mistral Pro if you want lower underbar rather than overbar-mounted extensions.

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