Tranz X TB01 tri bars review£24.99

Solid starter low profiles

BikeRadar score4/5

You can spend a bike’s worth on the latest carbon aero wings for your bike, but these solid starter models from Tranz X prove you don’t have to.

The ski bend is a simple hook, but it’s laser-etched to give a range of length options and you can rotate it in the clamp to give a few different hand positions. You can also pull the end plugs off to run tip shifters and at 436g they aren’t too heavy.

The block clamps come with a shim for running on standard or oversize bars, while side wing and plastic arm cups each have two mounting holes for limited adjustability.

You need to tighten the single bolts firmly to stop them rattling loose and the removeable arm pads are tight for broad forearms, but they’re curved for security and don’t get sweaty.

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