Acros AH-06 Stainless headset review£80.00

Reliable choice

BikeRadar score4/5

If we had to pick one new name who are making waves on the bearing front, it’s German brand Acros. The fact they're regularly considered alongside Chris King and Hope on forums shows the quality reputation the brand are getting.

The lettering on our white sample is less crisp than we’d expect and it’s slightly heavy (if 10g really matters) but apart from that, all’s good.

The huge crown race (where most of the weight is) makes for easy removal and complete protection from muck coming up underneath. The well greased red labyrinth seals top and bottom, plus a captured steerer O-ring, keep filth out.

The stainless steel bearings are impressively smooth and resist long-term moisture corrosion, allowing Acros to offer a five-year guarantee.

The plastic lock washer keeps things rattle-free, is easy to fish out when stripping and you even get a spare included. The AH-06 is available in black, red, gold, silver, green and blue versions plus semi- and full-ceramic sets.

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