Chris King NoThreadSet headset review£109.00

Bling factor 9

BikeRadar score4/5

Not many ‘ultimate components’ have held their crown as long as Chris King’s headsets, but fit them right and you’ll see why they have their cult following.

Chris King were one of the first threadless headset manufacturers alongside Japanese firm Hatta. Their custom stainless steel bearings have a deservedly legendary reputation for almost perpetual silky smoothness.

Despite no extra sealing besides the mechanical shielding of the overlapping cups, they regularly outlast their 10-year guarantee.

The lack of a lock washer makes accurate facing of the head tube and fitting (with the correct CK press inserts) essential, otherwise persistent creaking and occasional loosening are potential problems – especially with longer forks.

Installed correctly, the NoThreadSet is true fit-and-forget stuff, and comes in a rainbow of colours including ‘Patriot’ and ‘Rasta’.

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