M:Part Pro headset review£30.00

Budget component

BikeRadar score2/5

The M:Parts range was set up to fill all the gaps you find when building, repairing or upgrading a bike on a budget.

The headset is a decent set of conventional steering bearings for any trail bike. The alloy cups and collar mean weight is competitive, while a steel crown race means you can be a bit more physical with removal without wrecking it.

The top race includes a deep rubber skirt seal that can be packed with extra grease and there’s a drip seal to stop water sneaking under the stem. The integrated lock washer prevents loosening and it’s not too tall.

Unfortunately there’s no extra sealing beyond the close mechanical race/lower cup fit on the lower end. That means the ‘rust and seize’ clock is ticking from the start and you definitely need to stay away from the hose or jetwash.

It’ll last okay on a regularly maintained or less used second bike though, and it’s better than most we’ve used for the price.

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