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Shimano M545 pedals

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"On the heavy side, but versatile pedal with extra platform support"

Wednesday, June 8, 2011 3.00pm By

The Shimano M545 has a similar core to the M520, with extra support in the form of a cage surround. The downside is added weight, but that’s offset by the advantage of having a larger platform to hit – if you don’t engage right away, you can still pedal effectively, and you can unclip before any dubious terrain and still retain a reasonable degree of pedal control while having the confidence that you can dab quickly.

It has the same positive in/out feel of all Shimano pedals and you can adjust the tension to suit. The platform sits at a slight angle, which makes it easy to engage your foot, then rotates slightly on the axle for support. Being double sided it works no matter which way up it falls.

If you don’t mind a slightly lumpy underfoot feel then you can even use them for nipping to the shops/pub in trainers and not bother clipping in at all. All in all, a versatile pedal for anyone who is looking for more support at not a bad price.

This article was originally published in What Mountain Bike magazine.

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PD-M545 pedal

Weight (g):
Bearings: Sealed cartridge Axle: Chromoly Extras: Cleats and bolts Fixing: 6mm Allen key
Available Colours:
Alloy Chromoly Steel
Pedal Type:
Bike Use:
Mountain Off Road
Degree Of Float:

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