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MKS Sylvan

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"Classic pedal for luddites and trendies alike"

Friday, July 25, 2008 5.00pm By

From an era gone by, the MKS Sylvan offers classic road pedal styling with its narrow, aluminium, quill-shaped body. While this style of pedal has always maintained a following in the touring world, they are also gaining popularity in the hip world of singlespeeds and fixies.

This is partly because of the retro styling and because you can ride in whatever shoes you want. It certainly makes life easy, though still allows for plenty of pull if used with clips.

We’d recommend completing the looks with a set of quality steel toe-clips – for £7.99 you can add a set of the MKS Japanese-made ones.

Another advantage of this type of pedal is that servicing is a doddle if you have a bit of mechanical knowledge.

Removing the end cap exposes the loose ball bearings on their races. You can either flush through and regrease the whole assembly or completely dismantle the pedal for a clean and rebuild.

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Sylvan Road Pedal

Weight (g):
Available Colours:
Aluminium Steel
Pedal Type:
Bike Use:
Road Track
Max. Rider Weight:
No Restriction

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