MKS XP-EZY pedal£34.99

Removable platforms

BikeRadar score4/5

Removable pedals are not only of use for folding bikes, they’re just as useful for bikes that spend time stored where space is at a premium, or as a theft deterrent – who’s going to try nicking a bike with no pedals?

These are the cheapest in the excellent MKS EZY range of removable pedals, but they feature fantastic quality bearings and a surprising amount of grip thanks to the slightly forgiving material of the main body.

Installation is just like any other pedal, only you thread the quick-release collar into the cranks, then simply push the pedals into the collars before pulling the collars outwards to lock the pedals to the cranks. Quick, simple and you even get a bag to put your pedals in to make sure you don’t get grime everywhere.

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  • Discipline: Road
  • Location: Bristol, UK

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