Speedplay Light Action Chromoly pedals review£89.99

Easy-entry double-sided road pedals

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The Light Action takes Speedplay’s Zero design and tweaks it so that less force is needed to clip in or release from the pedal. This design uses Speedplay’s non-centring free float with a release angle of 15 degrees. This makes for a comfy ride once you get used to stomping in rather than using the toe first method.

The low stress, free-float set-up makes these a good bet for those with injuries, but sprinters might find they have too much drift powering out of the saddle. However, for those after the performance of a road pedal but who are wary of committing to a single-sided pedal, the Light Action Speedplays are a good choice.

They offer all the performance of a big platform and low stack height and they’re incredibly easy to get in and out of. The ease of engagement makes them a good commuter or fixed wheel pedal, and they also come in a variety of colours.

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