Straitline AMP pedals review£129.99

Sleek and refined for flat-pedal pushers

BikeRadar score3/5

Straitline's new AMPs (All Mountain Pedals) are aimed at flat-pedal pushers looking for something sleeker and more refined for their all-mountain and trail needs. We tested the chromoly spindle version (327g).

There are seven pins per side, providing an amazing amount of grip, and the 96x93mm platform will just about take a chunky Five Ten sole, although if you’ve got bigger feet you might want something wider. The Igus Iglide bushings were a bit stiff at first but both pedals are now spinning freely, with no play whatsoever.

We like the huge cutouts, and the use of hex pins mean you can still take them out even if they’re battered. So far the pedals have shrugged off rock strikes and the elements admirably.

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