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Time Z-Control Pedals

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80.0 out of 5 stars

"A great all-mountain clipless pedal that deserves wider recognition"

Saturday, October 4, 2008 4.00pm By

Typically for Time, Z-Controls are good in the mud, with plenty of space forward of the bars for clag to fall through. Probably one of the most solidly made pedals arounf too.

If you’re a mud-loving rider or have delicate knees, you’ll appreciate the self-clearing design and wire cleat retention jaws which have 1mm more lateral float.

The Z-Control has a large, double-sided alloy body in an H-shape that houses the traditional double wire bar cleat retainers. 

The body of the pedal is cast, then machined to give a distinctive look and add some sharp shoe-gripping working edges to the pedal body.

This one has been the favourite pedal for many downhill riders and general ‘off-piste’ enthusiasts, because, although the cleat bars always remain proud of the body, it’s a very stable place for you to put a clipped-out foot in an emergency.

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Z Control Pedals

Manufacturer's Description:
The Z is the platform version of the ATAC pedal. It doesn't pivot around the clip mechanism but remains static which gives a very easy to find platform when setting off. A good pedal for all year round all day long riders who wear more casual shoes.
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