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Xpedo Thrust C pedals

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"Light, competent and good looking performers"

Tuesday, October 5, 2010 1.00pm By

With a magnesium body wrapped in carbon fibre and a titanium spindle, there’s little wasted weight on these high-end Look Keo compatible pedals.

At 198g a pair they’re only 8g heavier than the top-end carbon Keo, and over £100 cheaper. Entry is as intuitive as any single-sided pedal, and it engages with a positive click.

Release tension is easily altered with an Allen key, and clearly illustrated by a tension indicator. You get two sets of cleats – one with no float, for experienced riders with solid knees, and one which lets your feet swivel by six degrees.

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Thrust C pedals (10)

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Carbon Fibre Titanium
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6 fixed

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