DT Swiss HVR rear shock review£400.00

Lightweight fettlers choice

BikeRadar score3/5

DT Swiss’ HVR is a valid option for those wanting a finely tunable threshold at the start of their shock stroke. At 215g it’s one of the lighter dampers available. The HVR low speed compression damping threshold adjustment stretches from almost fully locked to a gentle nudge before it starts moving. This makes it a good choice for riders trying to cut out pedalling bob or other unwanted movement.

It’s controlled by a dial rather than a lever. You need to turn the dial several times for a distinct change so it’s a set and forget shock rather than a tweak on the fly situation. Once you’re past the slight threshold clunk it’s a very buoyant stroke that tends towards fast, deep compression and rebound.

That means keeping it sitting smoothly in the sag-mid travel sweet spot needs careful air pressure and damping tuning. The rose-jointed bushings help reduce side loads in the shock, but allow more sideways sway in more flexible frames. At another £10 per end the bushings make it expensive.

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