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Allay Racing Pro 2.1 Saddle

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"An overpriced oddity with performance that doesn’t quite match the price..."

Friday, October 2, 2009 9.00am By

The Racing Pro 2.1 series features an integrated Airspan Cushion with a pump-and-release valve that lets you tune in the desired level of pressure. It disperses your load down and out to relieve pressure on the perineum and aid blood flow.

The micro-porous composite cover is soft and has added abrasion patches on the side.

The woven fabric cover is water resistant, but it would be better if it covered the sides of the cushion. A carbon shell and titanium rails keep the weight down to 245g.

The overall profile is great – it’s nice and slim and a good length at 290mm. To set it correctly you need to mount it 10-15mm further forward and 10mm lower than your usual XC saddle set-up and the angle 2-3 degrees further upwards at the front.

But the position feels wrong. The cushion section feels like there’s a void beneath you and the rear is too solid, so you end up with two distinct points of pressure. Finally, the pressure valve under the nose is too easily pressed and can leave you deflated.

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Racing Pro 2.1 Saddle (09)

• Cover - Durable microporous composite cover breathes for cool comfort Abrasion resistant material protects side scuff zones • Fabric Span - Durable woven fabric with water-resistant nano-tech coating • Air Cushion - Inflatable air cushion with built-in pump / release valve • Allay Foam - Lightweight, high density, quick rebound, durable, temperature endurance formula Quick Click System (QCS) - Mount for RedLite UFO mini or Topeak® wedge packs • Gender - Unisex • Size (L x W) - 290x130mm (small) and 290x145mm (medium) • Sit Bone Width Zone (Using Measurement Pad) - 90 to 120mm (small) or 110 to 145mm (medium)
Weight (g):
Available Colours:
Black Black/Red White
Saddle Rails:
Titanium Tubular

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