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Bioflex Arrow 2 Saddle

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80.0 out of 5 stars

"Great value and top performing cross-country race saddle"

Friday, May 1, 2009 3.00pm By

The Bioflex Arrow 2 feels relatively plush at first, but the longer you ride it you become aware of that harder, pared-down feel associated with saddles built to go faster.

It’s not designed for all-day comfort so it wouldn’t be suitable for anything with ‘enduro’ in the title, but for fast and furious cross-country racing it ticks all the boxes.

The synthetic cover has a slightly rubberised feel, which provides just enough stability, while the central cutout keeps the pressure off your tender bits so you can concentrate on powering down.

It’s not the lightest saddle nor the most highly specced, but the great thing about it is that when you ride it you don’t think about the saddle at all – just about riding hard. And that’s the best recommendation of all.

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Arrow II (09)

# Thin layer of light PU foam cushioning # Dual colour, high polish rail finish made with CrN/Ti Alloy # Full Ozone cut-out relieves pressure Length = 278mm
Weight (g):
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