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"Cracking value, super tough XC-shaped freeride saddle"

Friday, March 31, 2006 11.00pm By

DMR is renowned for its tough jump gear, but this burly BSX saddle could be an ideal all-rounder for riders who hammer their kit.

For a start, while it looks like a skimpy XC saddle, it's underpinned by oversized 8mm cromoly steel rails to handle big landings or end-over-end crashes without buckling. There's a plastic bash guard all around the back, Kevlar hip panels and the top fabric is tough textured synthetic too, so it'll slide down the trail a good few times before tearing. The same slim profile that works well to stop it snagging shorts when racing ramps, works just as well for prolonged pedalling, too. While the mid density padding has no smartarse grooves or holes - except for a depression in the shell - it's as comfortable for an experienced butt as most seats here. The only points to note are that all the strengthening features add a fair amount of weight and that even with the raised logo, it can be a wee bit slithery under your shorts. It does score hugely in the value stakes, though.

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