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NC-17 XC Ti Saddle

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60.0 out of 5 stars

"A race-oriented model but also makes for a good minimal regular ride too"

Saturday, January 23, 2010 4.00pm By

Developed as a cross-country race saddle, the NC-17 XC Ti might not be the first model you’d think of for a day-long casual ride, but the flat and (very) firm platform is surprisingly comfortable.

If you count grammes this should be up there on your list, weighing in at just 205g. The shell has a good amount of flex that, along with the titanium rails, soaks up just enough trail vibration.

Its looks are deceptive too – despite its skinny profile we found it provides enough support for varying sizes of rider. It does ride ‘flat’ though so if your style leans towards seated rather than standing climbing, you may miss the help that a more scooped profile gives, and feel as if you could shoot off the back.

Conversely, that also means it’s a dream to get off the back of when the trail gets technical. If you like to race but only want to buy one saddle, take a look at the XC Ti.

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XC Ti (10)

7mm Ti rails, 272mm length,
Weight (g):
Width (mm):
Saddle Rails:
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