Selle Italia SLR T1 Troy Lee History saddle review£108.99

Ultra versatile special edition seat

BikeRadar score3/5

There are loads of comfy saddles about but if you want to really make your time trial/triathlon bike stand out, you need one of these Yankee doodle dandies.

Selle Italia’s SLR T1 (£94.99) is one of our favourite aero bike saddles. It uses the long-established SLR semi carbon road saddle hull, but modified with a lengthened and broadened nose. Add thicker gel on top and this means less pressure and more comfort when you’re rolled forward in an aero tuck.

Body moulding foam and the rounded profile of the back mean it’s supportive and comfortable in less aggressive poses and high-mileage use too. Vanox alloy rails help keep weight to a reasonable 228g despite the ample padding.

This special edition also gets a full US of A graffiti graphic from legendary motocross/mountain bike helmet artist Troy Lee across its Lorica syn-leather cover, making it a true standout seat.

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