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Comfortable saddle best suited to a more upright riding position

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"Solve numbness by removing weight from your undercarriage"

Saturday, March 31, 2007 11.00pm By

This is the raciest saddle in the new-for-2007 Ergogel range; there's also a Moderate one for 'trekking' and a Relaxed one for 'city/touring'. All three are gender specific. The men's ones all feature'a 35mm wide central depression, which relieves the pressure from the prostate and reduces the compression of the pudendal arteries and nerves, optimising blood flow to the penis and eliminating feelings of numbness.

It's not exactly a holey saddle; there is a hole in the plastic - just where the outline is - but this is covered by mesh with a bit of spring in it. The contouring of the saddle means that the central area is scooped out, which puts your bodyweight on your sit bones rather than on your undercarriage. Comfort is good, not just in padded cycling gear, but even in normal clothes, because the seams don't press into you.

While it's hard to be prescriptive with bike saddles, I've certainly had no numbness with this one. However, although the gel padding here makes upright riding a bit more comfortable, for anything leaned over, such as time trialling, I'd go for something like the much cheaper (£13.99) Rido (www.ridocyclesaddles. com), which also carries your weight effectively and has been working well for me. Dan Joyce

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