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Selle Royal Freccia Saddle

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"Waterproof, sealed, comfy and affordable – ideal for a winter commute"

Thursday, October 30, 2008 4.00pm By

The Freccia is a waterproof gel saddle that works really well, and might be just what you’re after for that ride-to-work bike that sits in the rain all day.

One good thing about the gel used in this saddle is that it doesn’t bunch up much between your sit-bones, reducing the risk of putting pressure on the pudendal nerve or scrotal arteries or nerves, which is a common fault of older style gel saddles. 

The Freccia comes with a rear light that clips into the ICS (integrated clip system) and costs the right side of 30 quid.

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Selle Royal

Weight: without light
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Selle Royal's Freccia saddle boasts an Integrated Clip Blinking Taillight so you stay seen in low light. Selle Royal's Royalgel - which eliminates pressure points and outside there's an anatomic shape that fits perfectly and keeps you comfortable no matter how far you ride.
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