Specialized Indie XC saddle £24.46

Simple and supportive seat

BikeRadar score 4/5

The Indie XC is available in two widths and is constructed to provide better riding comfort in an upright position, with a cut-out V and a long pressure-relief channel to keep the blood flowing to those more delicate arteries.

It takes styling and technological cues from Specialized’s high-end Alias and Avatar models, resulting in a saddle that cost much less than it appears to. Hollow steel rails keep the 143mm version to a reasonable 330g.

It feels instantly soft in the seat, with an even plusher nose. For shorter rides this is great – you feel cosseted and comfortable even when rattling over frozen bridlepaths – but over longer periods you become aware of the harder base beneath, and somehow that feels more uncomfortable than if you’d set out with a harder saddle.

There are lighter saddles, and not everyone finds Specialized’s Body Geometry technology to their liking so try before you buy.

But for the non-technical riding it’s designed for, the Indie XC turns in a more than acceptable performance and is well made too. The plasticky cover is our only quibble.

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