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The Magnetika features magnets to add suspension.

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"We felt no benefit from the magnets but other saddles from this cool-looking brand are certainly worth trying"

Monday, January 1, 2007 12.00am By

It's clear that the Sportourer range is aiming for a smooth, sleek look but with plenty of comfort built in. The relatively new range is marketed primarily on comfort, although there are some models rated as 'performance', the lightest coming in at 320g.

The Magnetika Gel saddle features a strangely attractively textured 'nylon rubber injection co-moulding' material, with Sportourer's new patented technology coming in the shape of opposing magnets (the forces of two magnets repel one another, designed to add suspension) and springs incorporated into the back underside of the saddle. It's undoubtedly comfortable and is a good compromise between minimalist weight-saving designs and the larger heavily sprung dinner plate affairs that go all out to attract comfort seekers.

Unfortunately, I'm not at all convinced the opposing magnets give any more comfort than a non-magnetic seat of equivalent size, which means they simply add weight ('magnetic' models being around 500g, certainly not lightweights). This is a great pity because the range is very nicely designed and boasts undoubted quality while keeping the prices reasonable. This saddle was rated for 'moderate' use (between recreational and performance), but I would certainly be tempted by some of the non-magnetic seats from the performance end of the range, such as the Zoo. If you do buy one and you aren't happy with your choice you can return it within 30 days and get your money back.

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Sportourer Magnetika Gel Men's Saddle

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