GravityDropper Classic Multi adjustable seatpost review£230.00

Proven design

BikeRadar score3/5

One of the oldest dropper posts, this simple warhorse is still one of the most reliable if you have a skinny seat tube. As the name suggests, the Classic Multi gives you an intermediate option between up and down, and you can specify either a 3in or 4in drop as well as different shaft lengths.

There's a slight amount of wobble from the saddle but it doesn’t get any worse with use and the rubber gaiter keeps it very well sealed. The mechanical release is hidden in a separate box on the front of the post rather than exposed at the top so that it stays smooth, and servicing is easy if it ever needs it.

The remote lever is very bulky and stiff, and you also have to pre-load the saddle with a quick bounce to get it to release or drop unless you get the Turbo version. There’s a manual Descender post (£190) too. It also only comes in a skinny 27.2mm size so you’ll have to shim it for bigger bikes, and the extension speed is very fast so keep your cods clear.

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