Charge Chopstick seatpost review£34.99

Colourful seat stick

BikeRadar score3.5/5

This Charge post is big on colour options and has a simple yet impressively secure setup. It’s not micro adjustable or particularly lightweight, but the price makes up for that.

Polished, brown, red, blue, silver, black and purple anodised colours are what will catch most riders’ eyes, and the smooth, curved-back 20mm layback design is very slick.

The radial notches on the side-loading clamp mean a positive locking engagement that we’ve bounced around on a lot without loosening.

It does restrict fine adjustment slightly though, and the 30mm rails give limited saddle rail support. It’s heavy for its length and sizes are limited, but if it fits, it’s a sturdy shot of colour at a decent price.

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