Specialized Command Post adjustable seatpost review£249.99

Remotely operated adjustable post

BikeRadar score2.5/5

The Command Post is robust with some useful features, but it’s not cheap. The internal collet clutch system lets you stop the drop in three distinct positions: Power (full extension), Cruiser (35mm lower) and Descender (full 100mm drop).

You can also alter the pressure of the return air spring to change the return speed, but it still springs back very quickly when released. That’s great if you want immediate return to pedalling height but not so good if your tackle gets in the way.

It takes a couple of rides to get bedded in and smooth out to a consistent slide, but that means it’s really well sealed and survives months of multiple filth/wash/leave or just cake and leave cycles. We’ve not suffered any of the air leak problems reported from early sets nor excessive wear or movement in long-term use.

The curved remote lever is neat, but accurate cable tension via the barrel adjuster is crucial. It’s vulnerable to seizing if it gets wet and then gets left.

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