Panaracer Fire XC Pro 2.1 tyre review£29.99

Good all-weather choice

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Panaracer’s Fire XC tyre has been around for years, but tenacious grip and colour options keep it a popular choice.

Relatively tall, well spaced knobs mean it’s not as fast as Panaracer’s Cinder or Rampage tyres, but it’s light enough to feel limber, and it digs deeper into the mud and muck.

Prominent Burning Edge side lugs and the well buttressed stepped design of the tread give reliable traction under high braking, cornering and climbing loads. Even when it does go, it’s normally a predictable slide that it’s easy to save yourself from.

The reinforced ASB bead strip gives noticeably improved pinch flat protection making it a fit-and-forget tyre in terms of line choice. The 1.8 size makes a fantastic mud racing tyre too.

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