Maxxis Ardent tyres review£24.99

Summer-orientated rubber

BikeRadar score4/5

Although Maxxis have always made great grippy winter/spring/autumn tyres, we’ve never thought their more summer-orientated rubber matched up. But now their Ardent tyre plugs the gap.

You still get the same big, fat ‘are you sure that’s only a 2.25in?’ carcass for rock-ignorant rim protection and decent low-pressure float. The tread pattern is much lower set than their fanged favourites though, without looking like the designer has only ever seen sand. 

Lots of ramped tread down the centre strip makes it fast rolling, but there are just enough gaps to grip on wet roots if you get caught in a storm. The 60 duro compound is a good balance between speed and lifespan if you’re shredding and drifting on dry rocks, and it’s not as lethal in the wet. Maxxis fans will also be used to working the lurch between lots of centre grip and side grip, without much in-between.

If you’re after a faster, more driftable dry conditions tyre than the High Rollers or Minions that have got you through winter, put these on your shortlist. Their value for money is excellent too. 

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