Panaracer CG AM/4X mountain bike tyres review£39.99

Decent dry day rubber

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Panaracer have teamed up with French racer Cedric Gracia to create a dry weather and trail centre tyrethat’s genuinely as fast and loose as he is.

The tyres’ flat-topped tread rolls well once you’ve kicked their 800g weight up to speed. The harder compound top coat over a soft base compound means our set is still looking fine after several months.

Plenty of knob coverage and reinforced sidewall edges give the AM/4X impressive rock resistance (only one pinch flat so far), which partially offsets the high price.

While most Panaracer tyres have a reputation for all-or-nothing carving grip,the soft centred flat-top and twangy side knobs of the CGs make them real drifters.

When you combine them with a slack-angled bike, they’re permanently gagging for you to get sideways through every corner. Don’t go too crazy on them in the damp though, because the slide soon turns into a snap when you’re on wet roots and mud.

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