Bell Volt helmet £120

Top of the line cross-country lid

BikeRadar score 3.5/5

This is the latest helmet from those stalwarts of bicycle half peanuts, Bell. The Volt is the top-of-the-line cross-country lid and has some neat features. 

Most individually, it has carbon fibre intakes, which are designed to scoop air into the helmet. In reality though, they don’t really add much to the airflow.

More critically, they add strength to the weakest area of any helmet, and carbon always looks the nuts. Weight was up on the quoted 280g, at a welterweight 336g for a medium. 

The bone dome is locked in place by Bell’s own Twin Axis Gear system, which is basically a ratchet with a thumb wheel, which tightens the helmet onto the head.

On the plus side it offers true on-the-fly adjustment, because it can be adjusted really easily with one hand, unlike its competitors,. On the down side the ratchet increments are quite large, making it hard to get the precise fit required to keep it locked in place with out putting pressure on your head.

The straps have neat flip lock tabs, which make it super quick to set up, but stop the straps from sitting flat, which makes it uncomfortable around your ears.


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