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Specialized S-Works Helmet

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75.0 out of 5 stars

"Lightweight, super ventilated and simple to fit. One of the best cross-country helmets available"

Wednesday, December 30, 2009 4.00pm By

Specialized have been producing helmets since way back in the day and the new S-Works is loaded with a wealth of accumulated innovation.

Firstly the straps are anchored into the lower rim of the helmet rather than inside the shell. This immediately makes it much easier and faster to put on and reduces interference with riding glasses.

The combination of big upper front vents enabled by a Kevlar reinforced skeleton and three brow vents means plenty of fresh air coming in, and massive exhaust slots at the rear suck it straight over your melon and out the back.

Add a low weight – 211g – and a soft moulded ProFit 360 cradle and you’ll barely realise you’re wearing it. On the downside, the clip on/off visor is relatively high and shallow. Specialized do produce chunkier all-mountain lids, if that’s your bag.

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