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A dirty chain is a quick way to increase wear and promote poor shifting. To fix this, and keep that chain running silent, Finish Line's Shop Quality Chain Cleaner Kit includes a chain cleaner, degreaser and dry lube.

Like other chain cleaners, the Finish Line model features rotating brushes and a two-piece plastic shell that the chain sits within. When you backpedal, the brushes and degreaser work some magic. A quick rinse off, and the chain appears far cleaner.

We found the cleaner to be very effective at getting the chain rollers and inside of the plates sparkling clean. However, the lack of side-pointed brushes meant that the outsides of the inner links were left dirty.

This is the same chain after cleaning with the finish line chain cleaner. note that the chain is clean except the outsides of the inner links are left dirty:
This is the same chain after cleaning with the finish line chain cleaner. note that the chain is clean except the outsides of the inner links are left dirty:

The chain runs smooth, but dirt still sits on the outsides of the inner links

During use, the curved cleaner is held together with a single clip, which was easy to use one-handed and remained secure. With a serviceable layout and bolted design, this cleaner will provide a long service life.

A strong magnet at the cleaner's base collects metal fillings from the chain, and we were surprised by the amount of magnetic gunk collected. A comfortable handle is included and snaps in place – this is a great feature, as the handle can be removed for fitting into toolboxes or for those who prefer to hold the unit itself.

The supplied degreaser did its job of cutting through the grime and can be watered down to make it go further. However at full strength, expect the small 120ml bottle to last about five washes. The included Teflon-based dry lube is a classic and performs admirably well in dusty and dry conditions. Just don’t expect it to last through heavy creek crossing or downpours. 

Overall, it’s a well made cleaner that does a great job at cleaning the important parts of the chain. However, if a like-new chain is wanted, expect some manual scrubbing to be required.

David Rome

Editor, Australia
Having worked full-time within the cycling industry since 2006, Dave is a former editor of BikeRadar Australia. Riding and racing mountain, road and 'cross for over a decade, Dave's passion lies in the sport's technical aspects, and his tool collection is a true sign of that.
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