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Moon X-Power 1300

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"Fairly low power but lots of great features"

Wednesday, October 30, 2013 12.00pm By

Moon's new light is loaded with great features that make it worth the money over simpler opposition for shorter rides.

Despite having theoretically low power for the price, the minimalist twin LED design delivers a decent long reach lux count without too much of a halo effect. A secure rubber bar strap and helmet mount and cable are included too. 

The small battery means you need to drop power regularly on longer rides, but there's no 'off' or 'flash' gap between the four modes. 

The LED rubber ended XPS2 battery has a row of red LEDs that work as a (non-legal, because there's no reflector) back light if you mount it to the seatpost. It has a USB port so you can use it to charge a phone or GPS in an emergency, although that obviously shortens its usable light lifespan.

Moon x-power 1300 beam shot: moon x-power 1300 beam shot

Moon X-Power 1300 beam shot

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X-Power 1300 (13)

Weight: 94g + 195g = 289g, Run time: 1:40, Lux: 313

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