Vulpine men’s cotton rain shorts£115.00

Clever casuals from London

BikeRadar score4.5/5

It’s easy for someone who's never ridden in a pair of these cotton rain shorts to criticise them - after all £115 for casual-looking shorts is a big ask. But these shorts from UK firm Vulpine have really won us over, and we’ve already worn them enough to justify the retail price.

They're cut just above the knee, so the fit is a little on the short side. It won't be for everyone, but should suit most riders. There’s useful adjustment at the hips and a hook fastening, as well as a button for an extra secure fit at the silicone gripper equipped waist. Should you need extra tension at the waist, there are also belt loops.

The overall feel is light and airy, and despite being unpadded these are good for longer rides - that’s down to the use of taped seams throughout and a cycling-specific gusset. There aren’t even any labels to get in the way; Vulpine prints care instructions inside the shorts in a further effort to maximise comfort.

These shorts have no labels or anything else to chafe on, the silicone gripper waist is also visible here:

Taped seams and no label, it's all about the comfort

Epic Cotton is the material used throughout these shorts. It’s basically cotton that has been treated with a silicone coating. This makes the shorts wind and water-resistant yet breathable and durable. The water resistance is very impressive; light rain or spray from puddles simply beads off in the same way it would from a polished metal surface. The shorts aren't fully waterproof though, so persistent rain will eventually get through, but even once soaked they don't get too heavy or uncomfortable, and are quick to dry.

There’s plenty of well thought-out, storage including two deep front pockets, both positioned to minimise the chance of you losing possessions while riding. Contained within one of the front pockets is an additional zipped valuables pocket and even a key karabiner. At the rear, there’s a single pocket that flips to reveal a reflective light loop, it also has a magnetic closure that shuts with a strangely satisfying sound. Each leg also has a subtle, single strip of reflective material.

There's even a carabiner to keep your keys in a comfortable and secure place whilst riding:

Removable karabiner allows keys to be stored where they won't cause discomfort whilst pedaling

The overall quality is excellent, and our test sample has been put through everything from bramble attacks to mud baths and beer spillages and come out the other side admirably. They’ve faded ever so slightly after many washes but the fabric hasn’t lost any of its performance qualities.

Commute in them, hit the trails in them, hit the pub in them! Unless things get really wet, these are the only shorts a lot of people will need.

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