DMR V-Twin review£130.00

DMR’s first clipless MTB pedals on test

BikeRadar score3.5/5

The V-Twin is DMR’s first clipless pedal, and with plenty of experience in flat pedals, you’d expect good things.

The tension adjustable mechanism is based around the Shimano SPD system, so cleats are interchangeable, and it articulates around the axle within the cage. 

The front of the mechanism is sprung to sit higher than the back, so engagement is relatively easy with a wide range of shoes. The leading edge of the mechanism, with regards to rock strikes, isn’t as well shaped as some, and can catch a bit more on rocks.

What we really like is the adaptability of the pedal. Nylon bumpers around the top of the cage can be raised or lowered with alloy plates, and pins can be inserted, altering the feel of the pedal – those with racier, stiffer shoes can run minimal support, while others can run a pedal that feels much more like a flat.

We like the adaptability of the pedal
We like the adaptability of the pedal

At 287g per pedal they can’t be said to be light, and at £130 they’re not cheap either. After a bit of use we’ve found one of the springs controlling the mechanism has got a bit grumbly, too – fortunately getting inside to pump full of grease is easy.

If you want plenty of support, like to adjust the feel and want a range of colours, the V-Twin’s a good trail option.

This article was originally published in What Mountain Bike magazine.

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