RaceFace Turbine MTB wheels review£429.00

Sturdy all-rounder wheelset

BikeRadar score3/5

RaceFace is new to the wheel game, but the manufacturer has rolled out a set of decent all-rounders to match its trail-tough Turbine bar, stem, seatpost and crank family.

The rims are medium-wide rather than super-fat, but we’ve ragged them round rocky trail epics without denting or warping them. The 28 spokes at each end lace into robust brass rather than alloy nipples so re-tensioning is easy, but the wheel build and bearings have all held up fine so far.

Pick-up is slightly slow from the three-pawl freehub though, and as the Turbines are new for 2014 we haven’t got years of back data on them. Stiffness and weight are happily average, and 135x12mm or QR axle adaptors, XD drivers and tubeless kits are available separately.

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