Trek 27.5 Fuel EX and Lush launched

Mid-size wheels come on Trek’s short-travel trail bikes

Trek is expanding its line of 27.5in models, offering mid-sized wheels on the 120mm Fuel EX and Lush trail bikes.

The Waterloo, Wisconsin-based company recently announced it would simplify sizing of its entry-level Marlin and Skye hardtails by offering the smallest two sizes with 27.5in wheels. Larger sizes would retain 29in wheels.

In contrast to this size-specific approach, Trek’s global mountain bike brand manager Travis Ott said the company is dividing its trail bike lines into two wheel sizes — across all frame sizes — because the company feels that some riders enjoy the roll-over benefits of 29ers, while others prefer the agility of 27.5in wheels.

If you prefer to steamroll through rock gardens with reckless abandon, the Fuel EX 29 or Remedy 29 may be for you. If you prefer to hop, skip and jump your way through technical terrain, the 27.5in versions of these bikes may be a better fit. (The 27.5in Remedy was introduced last year.)

“One trail, two riders,” as Trek likes to call the concept.

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Stay tuned for first ride impression of the Fuel EX 9.8 27.5

The Fuel EX 27.5 makes use of the same technologies as its 29in counterpart with smaller wheels and geometry that is lower, slacker and better suited to riders who enjoy a more playful ride.

Fuel EX 27.5 geometry  Fuel EX 29 geometry
Head tube angle68.0°  Head tube angle69.5°
Seat tube angle73.0°  Seat tube angle73.6°
Bottom bracket height13.1in  / 333mm  Bottom bracket height13.3in / 338mm
Chainstay length17in / 433mm  Chainstay length17.8in / 452mm

For 2015, Trek will offer the EX with 27.5in wheels in three alloy-frame builds, as well as carbon versions at the 9.8 and 9.8 levels.

The Fuel EX 9, 9.8 and 9.8 will also come equipped with Trek’s new RE:aktiv suspension technology co-developed with Fox and Penske Racing Shocks. 

RE:aktiv is a regressive damper that balances pedaling performance with big-hit absorption

This new shock uses Trek’s proprietary DRCV air spring and adds damper technology that boosts low-speed compression to improve pedaling performance while allowing the shock to handle larger, high-velocity impacts without feeling harsh.

The Trek Lush now comes with 27.5in wheels

The women's counterpart to the Fuel EX, the Lush, will also be available with 27.5in wheels.

The Lush is more than pinked-and-shrinked, making use of a shock tuned for lighter riders and frame geometry tailored to women

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The Fuel EX 27.5 and Lush 27.5 will be available in the coming weeks.

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